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Marlene Layman

“I specialize in clicker training, using positive reinforcement. Together, you and your dog will learn in a positive, fun, results-oriented way!”

Hi, I’m Marlene Layman. As a long-time dog owner, and owner/operator of a dog walking & pet sitting business, I know how much dog training and behavior modification help owners understand their dogs and enjoy more peaceful & productive relationships with them.

 As a result, I studied, tested & did hands-on work to obtain dog training certification from Animal Behavior College.

I have a great group of dog training clients in the Western Mass. area where I offer both in-home programs, as well as group classes. I especially enjoy helping people with reactive dogs as well as getting puppies off to a right start. I have a special place in my heart for senior dogs!

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My Credentials

skilled in identifiying and managing problem behaviors using positive reinforcement training methods.

  • Animal Behavior College certified dog trainer
  • ​Experience with developing & leading group dog training classes, including those focused on reactive dogs & dog exercise  in multiple locations in the Western Mass. area
  • Hands-on experience with obedience & behavior training in individual in-home settings
  • ​Dakin Humane Society’s Springfield trainer
  • Trained in safe animal handling as a volunteer at Dakin Humane Society
  • ​Mentoring with Michael Shikashio, president of IAABC, with a focus on reactive/aggressive dogs
  • Ongoing seminars with Sue Sternberg and Michael Shikasio on dog aggression and Ken Ramirez on advanced dog training topics.

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Helping your dog become a better family member

“I teach you how to bring out the best in your dog.”

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