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Walks and Wags Dog Training is closed until spring of 2021.  Please check back then for new services & classes.

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From puppies to seniors we offer affordable Group Classes in a variety of locations. We'll help you bring out the best in your dog. Let's get started!

Our Classes

Our Training

We specialize in clicker training, using positive reinforcement methods. Together, you and your dog will learn in a positive, fun, results-oriented way!

Our Training

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Find a class that convenient for you and fits your canine buddy's age and needs. Train in an effective, relaxed environment. We make training fun!

Class Schedule

Marlene Layman

Trained, experienced and certified.

Marlene is a certified, professional dog trainer with hands-on expertise for a variety of needs & environments. She partners with you to show you how to navigate the potential challenges of life with your dog by bringing out the best in your dogs.

At Walks and Wags, Marlene's training method includes management of your environment to help your dog succeed, positive reinforcement, structure, and good clear communication between you and your pet to achieve the finest results....happy owners and a well mannered dogs.

More about Marlene....

Caring, Positive Dog Training.

Whether you have a puppy, a challenging adolescent, a newly adopted dog, or a dog with behaviors that you’d like to change; we’re here to help.

Every Day is a
Good Dog Day.

Serving Belchertown, Granby, South Hadley, Ludlow, Ware, Palmer, Wilbraham, Chicopee, and other Western Massachusetts towns.

Woof - Testimonials
  • Group Training

    Learn and practice consistent training skills using controlled distractions in a group setting. Group Training Classes

  • Big 3

    For RUNNERS/PULLERS and JUMPERS. A brush up on the most challenging canine manners. Class Schedule

  • Puppy training

    Provide your puppy with the best education to reach their full potential. Puppy Training

  • Reactive dog training

    Teaching your reactive dog lifetime skills in a proactive (non-aggressive) manner. Reactive Dog Training

It's All About Team Work.