More Talk…

In January, my family and I adopted a rescue dog named Korra.  She is young and sweet, but had quite a few issues that needed to be addressed.  I got in touch with Marlene and she explained the options I had for training Korra to be her best self!  I chose to have Marlene come for in-home training due to Korra’s reactivity to other dogs.  Marlene carefully listened to what I felt were Korra’s major challenges and set up goals for working with her. I appreciated Marlene’s friendly, calm, patient manner with Korra and me.  She was able to prioritize the major issues and showed me how to work with Korra using positive reinforcement to get Korra to change her behavior or learn a new skill.  Marlene promptly emailed me after each lesson with homework reminders and observations, as well asking for updates and providing feedback during the week. Korra still has work to do, but has made steady improvement and now I have the tools I need to continue working with her.  Marlene is awesome at what she does and I won’t hesitate to continue working with her!  Thank you Marlene!
​—-Lori F., Ludlow

We recently completed four, one-hour, in-home sessions with Marlene.  Having participated in previous, not so successful dog obedience classes with other trainers, we were bracing for possibly anxiety producing sessions.  We could not have been more wrong.  The entire experience with Marlene was unbelievably positive.  Marlene is extremely knowledgeable, professional and so sweet.  From the first phone call to discuss our dog’s behavior, to the follow up emails filled with tips and suggestions, to the actual classes – Marlene was wonderful!  Her teaching methods were easy for us to practice and reinforce in between sessions.  We saw progress with our dog after our first meeting!  My husband and I (and our furkid, Charlie) felt at ease working with Marlene.  She was patient and set realistic goals for all of us.  We were surprised at how quickly Charlie responded and started to self correct his negative behaviors.  Plus, all that Marlene taught us can be used on a daily basis.  I could go on and on with how pleased we are to have worked with Marlene.  Suffice to say that we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dog trainer.  We also plan on reinforcing what we learned with future Walks & Wags classes.  Thank you Marlene!!!
​—-Deb & Andy F., Belchertown

I would highly recommend Marlene to anyone who has a dog with a behavior issue.  She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and patient.  Marlene’s genuine commitment to the welfare of your pet is evident in all that she does.  After working with her, I gained valuable and practical tools and skills to modify my dog’s undesirable behaviors.  The outcome has exceeded my expectations!
—-Connie P., South Hadley

I am sure Johnny came into my life for a reason which led me to meeting you. There is a reason for everything which I believe is a higher power. Today I was so proud of Johnny; though he still needs work with some things  he is really coming along. We were at the park several times today and he was very far from me and when I shouted touch he came each time even when he was sniffing dogs thru a fence!  We also practiced stay outside and that went good as well.   I don’t know how it will go when another dog or animal is right there but I will keep practicing!  Thank you so much I am learning so much. ___
Rose S., Holyoke

Marlene, talk about seeing the fruits of our labor – I was home and outside doing a final mow for the season.   I was sitting on the tractor – it was off so it wouldn’t scare the dogs when they came out to be walked.  Accidentally, the walker dropped a leash and Bear came bounding around the corner unaccompanied.  Not only didn’t he bolt, I said “Bear, touch. and he came right to me and sat like the good boy he can be.  So, thank YOU for working with us.   Again, thank you for all your help.

—-Kathy R., Granby

We’ve had a great experience working with Marlene as a dog trainer!  Marlene’s flexibility in what we work on and how has helped me overcome challenges that come with having somewhat limited mobility.  I have found her positive feedback, both during and after training sessions, very motivating.  Training has gone so well that even though I don’t really need to continue, I want to continue!
—-Kathy R., Granby