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Together, you and your dog will learn in a positive, fun, results-oriented way! We make training fun!

Consulting starter session
This is the place to start!  Based on my observations of your dog & your situation, I’ll provide guidance for managing your environment to help your dog be successful, training steps, and other options based on your specific situation.
PRICING: 1-1/2 hour Consulting Starter Session
0 – 10 miles - $130
11 – 15 miles - $150

1 hour Private Lesson (must have completed a Consulting Starter Session or be a previous group class or private customer).  In a Private Lesson, we’ll work on specific training & behavior changes that were recommended in your Consulting Starter Session.  Your fifth private lesson will be free!
0 – 10 miles - $90
11 - 15 miles - $100

Reactive Dog CARE Program
8 sessions that include:
A 1 ½ hour planning session with you and seven 45-minute sessions using the CARE (Consider, Analyze, Respite, Equipment) protocol for reactive dogs.  Also included is support in between sessions.

Does your dog bark or lunge at other dogs or people while on leash?  I’ll create a program for you using the CARE protocol to help you understand your dog’s response & get you started to help him pay attention to you & feel more comfortable in those challenging situations…
0 – 10 miles - $639
11 – 15 miles - $679

Services can be customized for your needs, location, and number of pets!


Day Training
For those who want a jump start in training their dog.  I will work with your dog in your absence (or you can be present!) for 15 sessions that include: 
1.5 hour introductory consultation;
12 sessions (4 sessions for 3 weeks) with your dog in your home on 2 cues or behaviors;
2 sessions with you to help you maintain what your dog has learned.
Sessions with your  dog can be done while you are away from the home or with you observing.  Documentation will be given at the sessions with you so you’ll have materials for reference as you continue working with your dog.
0 – 10 miles - $1049
11 – 15 miles - $1099

POLICIES: If you cancel on the first lesson, a non-refundable $25 deposit will be applied to reschedule. Once you  complete your training package the $25 cancellation fee will be deducted from the total cost if you keep the rescheduled date(s).

A deposit of $40 will be required to book a private session. The deposit will be applied toward your bill once you complete the session. If you cancel in advance of the lesson, the deposit will be forfeited. The deposit is intended to cover documentation & planning work that occurs prior to your session! 

Group training classes - See our Upcoming Classes page for information on dog obedience training classes in Western Massachusetts!

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