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Puppy kindergarten was such a good experience for Ollie! The training exercises were super simple and effective and he picked up on them quickly! Marlene has such a positive, kind, helpful, and straightforward teaching style that made class fun. The socialization time at the end of the class was perfect; it was a super safe and well-thought out environment for him to play with other puppies, and it was really useful to learn which behaviors to watch out for when supervising your dog when playing with other dogs! Ollie’s learned so much and is turning into such a happy, well-behaved dog, thanks to this class! We will definitely be taking more classes in the future. Thanks for everything! — The Mulhern Family, Somers, CT

Our dog, Kelsey was hyper and anxious and not easy to manage on walks and with in-home distractions. With private lessons from Marlene we were not only able to understand Kelsey’s personality and needs better but learned the tools to handle her better. We noticed a difference in Kelsey almost immediately after the first session. We accomplished everything we were  hoping to accomplish thanks to Marlene’s expertise, patience and gentleness with Kelsey. We are so grateful to Marlene for helping us enjoy our pup even more than we had prior to the training. —  Liz & Dustin G., Belchertown

I also wanted to say it was great meeting you and I think you were the perfect match for me as well as for Max and Sonny who you noticed have very different personalities and motivators.  It will take a while to cement the things you taught us – more so with Sonny – but I have good subjects so I’m sure we will get there! — Elizabeth P., South Hadley

Just wanted to share that Charlie has been a pleasure to take for walk since the Reactive Rover class. This morning we encountered 4 reactive dogs. During the first encounter he raised his hackles just a bit, no barking, no pulling on the leash. He initiated looking at me and took his treats. The next encounters he ignored the dogs and just walked on. Even off leash when there is a reactive dog, he chooses to return to me and get his gentle leader on and take a treat vs engaging with the reactive dog. I am so happy we participated in the class with such a positive outcome. Thank you, Marlene!  —  I.Q., Belchertown

​I was so very pleased with the Puppy Kindergarten Class that I attended with my little 4 and a half pound Pomeranian   Maylah.
Marlene made it fun for the pups and was very encouraging to the puppy parents. I was amazed how my shy little girl came out of her shell and started to enjoy playing with the bigger pups. I would highly recommend  this class to anyone with a puppy.
–Peggy & Rob M., Belchertown

Our Teddy loved his puppy kindergarten classes with Marlene. It was extremely affordable, convenient, and taught our pup everything we had on our list to accomplish. Marlene was extremely helpful with any questions we had and often stayed after class to make sure we had all of the answers we needed. We will definitely be signing up for some adult classes soon. Thank you Marlene!
​—-Allie & Jake S., Belchertown

Thank you so much Marlene, you were so great to work with and I’m very pleased with the progress we made in just four 1 hour sessions with both dogs! I definitely see a huge improvement in their behavior. Now it’s my turn to do my homework and get them on their A game with all the cues. You were very, very educated and sweet and never once made us feel wrong for the ways we were doing things with the dogs previously – you only suggested more productive options for us and showed us new ways to work with the dogs.   We loved that about you! You have us a solution for every issue we had. Your warm personality and attentiveness made the whole process so pleasant. Our pups loved working with you and we definitely did as well. We will be recommending you for sure! Thank you so much for all the help.
​—-Mary M. & Chris, Belchertown

I really appreciate your kind remarks and your cheerleading for me during class. As you may or may not have noticed I am a not overly confident and worried about every little thing. This often is obviously communicated to my dog without meaning to.  I  am hopeful that we will be able to use these tools and increase our confidence. She really is a great dog and deserves a happy relaxed life and mom! Again – thank you so much! We look forward to more classes!  — Christina R., Belchertown

Can’t thank Marlene enough for working with our family to help us adjust to a new normal and enjoy our new puppy more than we could have imagined!!! Dugan is a great addition to our family and much thanks to Marlene for getting us all on the same page!!! Marlene’s coaching, advice and training in our own home made the experience as valuable as possible. Marlene’s dedication to her profession shows the minute you meet her and my family is already recommending her to anyone in need of training classes!!! —  Nicole & John R., Ware

Marlene was extraordinary in her attention to detail and professionalism with helping us train our first puppy.  She provided additional information, answered any questions or concerns and really personalized our experience so we could have the best possible relationship with our new furry family member.  I would highly recommend private lessons for the best and most efficient training.  — Laura V.,  Belchertown

I brought Ichabod to Marlene’s “Reactive Rover” class because we had issues walking nicely on a leash. Even though I believe I’m a competent dog handler, Ichabod was giving me trouble and I needed some guidance. I am so glad I found Marlene! Everyone in the class, including Marlene and Sarah, understands what it’s like to have a reactive dog and there is no judgment, only positive ways to overcome the challenges you face. I came out of the class feeling very confident in how far we came as dog and handler and am sure that we’ll continue our progression. I can’t recommend Marlene highly enough! – Toni F., Chicopee 

A special note of appreciation for all of the hard work and encouragement you gave to Murphy and me. Really enjoyed working with the other teams in class… and you really made all the difference Marlene! So grateful I found you!!  Can’t imagine taking that kind of class with anyone else. Take care and look forward to hearing about tricks class- Murphy’s already got a few up his paw!  — Laura G., East Longmeadow

The best part of this whole training experience is the ability to have you help train Calvin in the home. This is where are all of his behaviors originated and occur. You also get to see his true behavior in his home and more accurately help us to correct it.  All of the summaries and the next week’s agendas are very helpful and thorough.  It feels like much more than a 4 hour training course. Everything you have told us to do has worked and with more training time and patience I’m positive we can turn our crazy puppy into a well mannered dog!
—-Katie & Nathan H., Belchertown

I want to thank you for the excellent sessions that we had with Bella.  Before our sessions I had a problem when we had visitors come to the house Bella would be very aggressive toward them. I feel that now with your instructions we have a process to start helping with her anxiety with visitors.  I am also able to leave the house for short periods of time without her excessive barking.  I am sure that eventually I will be able to gone for longer periods of time.  Once again, thank you for your help.
—-Marlene T., Belchertown

Our experience working with Marlene was nothing but positive.  Unlike with obedience schools, we felt no pressure to meet weekly benchmarks that were unrealistic for our families busy lifestyle.  Marlene actively set realistic goals for everyone in our family–adults, children, and dog.  Her suggestion to train when the moment presented itself, rather than having set training times each day worked so well for us, and our dog responded much better to this more fluid training schedule.  Marlene is kind, patient, and her ability to be assertive without being abrasive put everyone in our house at ease.  She can give constructive feedback without making the owner feel criticized, shamed, or guilty.  We have some benchmarks we’d like to meet with Lilly.  Once we’ve overcome those obstacles, and feel Lilly is ready for more advanced training, I wouldn’t consider seeking anyone else’s assistance, but Marlene’s.
—-Beth & Steve B., Belchertown

Darby learned a whole lot from his four sessions with Marlene.  Marlene 
was patient, very knowledgeable, and a very effective teacher, and it 
was fun to work with her for both my dog Darby and myself. — Bruce G., Belchertown

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